Monday, November 16, 2009

Wedding recap!

Dear readers, yesterday was such a truly wonderful day! People had been telling me for months that inevitably something will go wrong, and you just have to roll with it. But amazingly enough, nothing went wrong!

The weather was glorious - 73 and sunny - in mid-November, no less! Serenbe is such an incredibly lovely place, and the weather allowed everyone to enjoy it to its fullest. Our friends and family were there, and everything came together without a hitch.

Our rehearsal dinner food at the Farmhouse - pot roast & shrimp and grits as well as chocolate bourbon pecan pie - was delicious. Even more amazing was the actual wedding food catered by Gloriosa. No one expects much from wedding food, but the fried chicken and fried green tomatoes and macaroni cheese, in particular, garnered rave reviews. I only wish I'd had room for more, but we certainly enjoyed our leftovers for dinner yesterday. My father, never a fan of mac 'n cheese, even said he's now a fan after tasting their incredible version.

We worked off all those calories on the dance floor afterwards, and I got to live out my dream of dancing my figurative pants off at my own wedding. According to my videographer, brides rarely dance so much, but for me it was the best way to celebrate with my friends. After the reception, everyone carried away red candy favors (jersey sour cherries were my personal faves!), and we adjourned to a bonfire, made 'smores, and drank more of the fantastic wine hand-selected by Mr. AT. More yummy goodness!

All I can say is it was perfect, perfect, perfect! Great food and wine, blissful weather, the people I love most in the world, and my darling new hubby - what more could a gal ask for? Thank you, readers, for your well-wishes and thanks so much to everyone who was there for making it such a special day.

Now we're off to South Africa for another adventure (and lots of great eats!) Some of my readers have been kind enough to guest blog, so Adventurous Tastes will keep publishing on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays while I'm gone. I'll fill you in when I return December 4!



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