Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Back from South Africa

It’s official – Mr. AT and I have tied the knot and gallivanted around South Africa for a few weeks, and now we’re back home in the good ol’ ATL. Hard to believe after so much planning that it’s back to the real world again! Fortunately we ate incredibly well at both our wedding and on our honeymoon so lots to tell you about, and of course all that delish holiday eating is right around the corner.

A quick word about our wedding food – as I mentioned after our tasting, Gloriosa cooks up some seriously tasty Southern food, and our wedding day food for 60 was just as good as the tasting for just us two. In fact, I’ve heard compliments from several friends that the fried chicken and mac ‘n cheese are still on their mind weeks later. I only wish I’d had room to eat more because it really was a phenomenal meal. Alas, all that’s left now is the lone remaining slice of red velvet cake tucked away in our freezer for later eating. The whole eat the cake on your anniversary think is king of hokey and probably not optimal for the taste of the cake, but how many chances do I get to live out wedding traditions?

Thanks to all of my guest bloggers who kept everyone entertained during my absence!



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