Thursday, December 10, 2009

Top Chef Winner Announced (***Spoiler Alert)

***Spoiler Alert***

Given we came back to a DVR full of our favorite TV shows, we are in fact behind on our Top Chef viewers, but I took one for the team and checked out the winner today so I too could report it. Read no further unless you want to know who won!

I was certainly hoping Atlanta's Kevin Gillespie won. Not only does he make Atlanta look great, but his food is consistently top notch and unlike the Voltaggio's he's neither boring nor a jerk. Alas, the surly Voltaggio won (that's the more tatooed one, Michael, if you too confuse them).

Omnivore summed my feelings up perfectly in their coverage. I can certainly respect the notion that the best chef wins, regardless of temperament, but given Top Chef is hardly replicating actual kitchen conditions, I have to wonder if it wouldn't make more sense to have winners who were a bit more marketable. I'd rather attend an event where someone like Kevin is cooking, and engaging, than either Voltaggio brother any day. Given all three chefs seemed to be talented, would it have killed them to someone who wasn't so unpleasant?

I suppose I prefer that to Hosea, the previous winner, who was both boring and not particularly impressive as a chef. Oh well, at least Atlanta came out looking great with three chefs competing and two making it most of the way through. Perhaps we can finally start getting some credit for all of the talented chefs cookin' up a storm in the dirty south? I hear Woodfire Grill is packed the gills these days, and in this economy, that's something to be happy about!



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