Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Football snacks

The national championship is on tomorrow, and we're entertaining (assuming an inch of snow doesn't totally shut down Atlanta!), so I've been thinking on what munchies to make.

My favorite pimento cheese recipe was an obvious choice. It's so super easy to make - I just throw the ingredients into a food processor, and I buy sharp cheddar already shredded, so there is quite literally no work involved, other than cleaning the food processor at the end. I like to go lighter on the mayo, too, because I don't like to actually taste any mayo.

My favorite enchilada recipe was a hit on New Year's day when we brought Mr. AT's parents over to my parents' house for the day. Again, it's super easy and so yummy. Better yet, it makes great leftovers.

The two wildcards are blue cheese and caramelized shallot dip and cheesecake marbled brownies. Both sound like football friendly, cold night comfort. All of the recipes seem like perfect Super Bowl fodder, too. Fingers crossed our friends are able to come over despite the weather and these are all as tasty as they sound!



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