Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Open Letter to Delta

Dear Delta,

I love food and I love travel, so one might think that combining the two would yield pleasurable results. But one would be wrong, very wrong. I flew last night from Atlanta direct to Copenhagen. While I was very pleased with the unusually attractive passengers (Scandinavians really up the ante on looking good while traveling!), but I was oh so dismayed by dinner and breakfast.

I realize it must be hard to prepare good food on an airplane. How can I forget CJ's epic downfall during the Top Chef airline food competition? But still I have sat in business class before, and I was amazed to find the food was actually good. So if fancy-pants passengers can get good food, then surely it's possible for coach food to be something slightly better than repugnant.

I can accept being crammed in like sardine (as long as I have my beloved aisle seat!), but I wish your stewards were consistent. They asked other passengers to sit their seats back up for the meal, but oh no, not my steward. She was AOK with the woman in front of me laying in my aforementioned repugnant dinner. Blurg!

But I digress, the real problem, Delta, is that the food you served made me want to throw up. It's smell was unnatural, and what was described as potatoes, was either something like polenta or the weirdest tasting potatoes ever. The chicken, bathed in a mystery sauce, was wan and sad looking, and the vegetables looked like something that had be frozen for a very long time. The only saving grace was the packaged brownie, which although not nearly as good as something I'd make, at least went down without inspiring my gag reflex.

Some vile free wine and an ambien later, and I drifted off to a dead sleep until I was awoken by the smells of breakfast. Not be mixed up with the pleasant smells of bacon and coffee, this was more of a microwaved egg smell, and did nothing to improve my groggy morning.

Delta, I am a loyal flyer. I cherish my medallion status, and have no intention of stopping my frequent travels. But please please, I beg of you, can't you find a way to make dinner better? I've had flights before were microwave pizzas and ice cream sandwiches were brought around. This would be FAR preferable to mystery chicken and not-quite-mashed potatoes. Heck, I'd take a pb&j and consider myself lucky.


A hungry Silver Medallion flyer



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