Friday, January 8, 2010

Sexiest Culinary Celebrities

The Daily Fork just came out with their list of the hottest celebrity culinary stars.

Starting with Food 911 in 2000, Tyler traveled around to help various home cooks overcome their culinary misadventures. We're pretty sure it wasn't a coincidence that 99 percent of the show's participants were female.

His latest television show, Tyler's Ultimate, consists of Tyler dressing up classic comfort food dishes and their traditional sides.

2) Curtis Stone

​A world traveler, surfer, chef, grocery store ambusher and a lively Aussie, Curtis Stone takes the cake with his boyish charm, dashing good looks and down-under accent. His Take Home Chef show on TLC consisted of surprising (mostly) ladies shopping in the supermarket and accompanying them to their abode to assist in dinner preparation. We're just happy he never ended up staring down the barrel of a jealous husband's shotgun when they arrived home to find their wife cooking with one of the hottest chefs alive.

3) Jamie Oliver

​Also an influential culinary icon, he's cute, the accent plays in, of course, and he actually takes action on important stuff; stuff like preventing school kids from getting fat on greasy cafeteria food and growing veggies in a big garden to cook for his family. To quote Paris Hilton: "That's hot."

4) Aaron McCargo, Jr.

​He's down-to-earth, cooks amazing food that can actually be replicated and it doesn't say anything on his Food Network bio about a wife. That's promising to all the single ladies out there. His family-centric attitude and ability to look great in a hot pink shirt simply add to his level of attractiveness.

5) Padma Lakshmi

​Even when she's dressed like Uhura, pregnant and shoving her mouth full of food, she's pretty damn sexy (sorry, we couldn't find any pics of her super-hero-esque outfit from part one of the Las Vegas finals). She was also the classiest lady to shoot a sexy burger session for Carl's Jr., among the ranks of Paris Hilton and Audrina Patridge. Married to old-ass novelist Salman Rushdie-not sexy, divorcing him-still not that sexy, being single-finally, sexy.

6) Cat Cora

​Southern AND Greek? Add in the lesbian factor and her mad cooking skillz and it's a quadruple whammy. While the fact that she and her wife, Jennifer, were pregnant at the same time, carrying each other's embryos is a little weird (ok, a LOT weird), she's still hot enough to overcome the Twilight Zone-ness of the whole ordeal to land a spot on this list.

7) Nigella Lawson

​A British beauty with a vocabulary to match, Nigella has been called the "queen of food porn," with her flirtatious presentation style and laid-back attitude. So, you can tell from this list that we're suckers for accents, and she might have the most luscious one of all. She also speaks her mind, no matter the political correctness when she once told the press that she'd love to kill a bear just to wear it, and that, is indeed, very sexy.

8) Giada De Laurentiis

​While she may be annoying, she's also pretty cute. Complete with a rack, not of lamb, and all around perkiness in more ways than one, she is the darling of The Food Network. While we might dislike her pronunciations of the Italian dishes she's cooking up, we do like watching her prepare it. We've realized that the men around here don't mind watching her show either, with or without it being muted.

Runners-Up: Anthony Bourdain-badass and sexy mutha' of the food world. Eric Ripert (according to Meredith Borders) presumably for his tall-drink-of-water status and *gasp* sexy French accent. Claire Robinson, host of Food Network's 5 Ingredient Fix along with Clotilde Dusoulier, the cute Parisian behind the brilliant food blog, Chocolate & Zucchini.

Personally I'd have put the dreamy Eric Ripert much higher on the list - one of the world's best chefs and a sexy French (technically Andoran!) accent. Sigh...

Padma and Giada are pretty obvious choices, and I love me some Curtis Stone and Jamie Oliver. I know many a guy with a Bourdain man-crush, so I'm surprised to see him only an honorable mention, too. My boss just said the other day that Nigella reminded him of me, so I'll take it as quite a compliment that she's on here ;-)

My honorable mentions? Lately John Besh, out of New Orleans, has been showing up on TV quite a bit, and he's awfully cute, although I watched some endlessly long Food Network seafood competition on a long flight, and Besh's antics got old real quick. Ideally he'd just stick to cooking and looking good and leave the humor to someone funnier. Govind Armstrong, Rocco Dispirito, and Marcus Samuelson aren't too shabby either!



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