Thursday, January 28, 2010

Special occasion dining

Oddly enough, Mr. AT and I have the same birthday, and it is just around the corner. For the big day itself, we'll be cooking dinner at home (more on that another time), but I can't let a milestone pass without using it as an excuse for some top notch restaurant dining.

I recall with a whistful longing, NY special occasion dining, when I had a plethora of never before tried, world-class dining options to choose from. Atlanta is certainly a good dining city, but NY it's not, and there simply aren't as many options in this much smaller town. So that being said, as I tried to start thinking about where we should eat for our annual dutch treat (it is both of our birthdays after all) birthday dinner, I was stumped.

Where haven't I eaten yet that is worthy of birthday dinner status? I can't think of a thing! Where have I eaten before that's good enough to merit special occasion status? Alas, our plight is not helped by our desire to be frugal these days, so places like Bachanalia, which I haven't dined at in something like a decade seem to be out of the running.

Hmm...Holeman and Finch? Love it, but it's so crowded, and duking it out for a table on my birthday doesn't sound that fun. JCT or Serpas? Like 'em, but have been so much that they don't scream "birthday" to me. Miller Union or Sauced? Just tried them recently. Rathbun's? That got me excited but Mr. AT seems to have nixed it. Oh the quandary I'm in. I'm an alleged Atlanta foodie, and I can't think for the life of me where I want to go for a birthday dinner.

So I open it to you...anyone have suggestions? Special enough to be worthy of an occasion, delicious food (natch!) and prices that won't blow the bank?



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