Monday, February 8, 2010

Is the Serving Size Game Coming to an End?

LabelA3[1] As anybody who has ever read the side of a box of Corn Flakes knows, you’re about as likely to eat just one serving of cereal as you are to eat breakfast on the moon. According to the New York Times, the FDA is finally considering forcing food makers to get real about the serving sizes listed on food packaging.

While the change would not make junk food any healthier, it might help consumers realize that those potato chips are even worse for them than they may have thought. The current standard serving size for snack chips is one ounce, which works out to about 150 calories. Depending on which brand you’re eating, that 150-calorie serving could be as few as six chips. I doubt many of us have ever opened a bag of Tostitos and stopped after six chips (unless it was those bland baked ones).

I’m not convinced that this labeling change will make much of a dent in America’s obesity epidemic – after all, those who are filling up their shopping carts in the snack food aisle on a regular basis probably aren’t too concerned about serving sizes -- but the move certainly can’t hurt.

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