Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Restaurant Preview: Saskatoon

When I first heard about Saskatoon, a wild game heavy Pacific Northwest inspired restaurant opening in Buckhead, I was excited. I love game, and the cuisine is that region is certainly not well represented in town. Granted Buckhead is out of my typical eating radius, but still it seemed worth a trip.

So it was with high hopes that I headed out into the wild blue yonder with Mr. AT to kick off our birthday weekend at Saskatoon. It's newly opened, so I'll reserve final judgment, but for now I can at least share my initial impressions.

The old Harry Bissett's location has been transformed with the accouterments of a Canadian lodge - think mounted heads and lots of antlers. It's certainly a unique look buy Atlanta standards, but it still isn't 100% coming together. Perhaps it's the entry area that still looks more like its previous incarnation as a bar.

The staff is so earnest that you definitely want them to succeed. Eager to please at every turn, we got visits from management as well as the chef checking on our satisfaction . Aw shucks, how can you not root for them?

That said, Saskatoon is definitely a work in progress right now. Food pacing is still off, appetizers were less strong than entrees, and dishes like elk tenderloin were light on seasoning. My hope, though, is that with such a unique fish and game oriented menu that they can get their footing and stick around. Mr. AT's buffalo ribeye was both cooked and seasoned well and topped with a delectably crunchy onion ring, and the gooey bread pudding and fairly traditional cheesecake (complete with birthday candles) were highlights, so I hope they can just get their execution on every dish up to this level.

360 Pharr Road,
Atlanta, GA‎
(404) 891-1911‎

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