Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Slider Night at the Shed at Glenwood

I've been meaning to go to The Shed at Glenwood's Wednesday slider night for ages. Not only are the folks at the Shed friends of the site, but these sliders are creative, fun and a helluva good price.

So after my 10 hour flight back from Copenhagen yesterday (which accounts for me being AWOL this week- sorry!), I couldn't bare the idea of cooking so it was finally time to indulge in some miniature sandwich deliciousness!

For those of you not familiar with the deal, each week cutie chef Lance Gummere comes up with a new list of sliders, priced at $3 bucks a pop. Now these aren't just the typical mini burgers you might expect, last night's list included everything from oyster po'boy to veal parmesan sliders in addition to the traditional beef.

On their regular menu, they offer a ridiculous deal on oysters, too, with each one costing just a dollar, and you can order as many or as few as you want. And despite some mean-spirited commenter suggesting you're a rube if you eat your oysters with any sauce or crackers, I personally like it that way, so I was glad to have the accouterments.

Mr. AT and I opted to share eight gulf coast oysters. They were fat and luscious and gone all too soon. I could easily just make a whole meal out those, but I was there to try sliders, so I had to save room. We split the chili dog, a new addition to their repertoire, as well as the veal Parmesan, pork schnitzel and the Reuben. All four were yummy and gone in a flash!

My two personal faves of the night were the veal and the chili dog. Often veal can be kind of blah, but the Glenwood's version was well seasoned and flavorful. It had enough umph from the sauce and cheesy bread that even after though my last bite had no meat in it, it was still great. Chili dogs have long been a guilty pleasure of mine, so I was super excited to try their version. I can easily eat a full sized one in a couple bites, so it was little surprise that this miniature version disappeared in a blink. Now if I could just have had a frosted orange, it would have been just like my much loved childhood trips to the Varsity.

As always the staff was lovely and brought out popcorn to nibble on while we were ordering. And for $40 for 8 oysters, 4 sliders, a beer, and a glass of wine, that's a pretty awesome and cheap date night. I might just have to become a regular...

The Shed at Glenwood
475 Bill Kennedy Way
Atlanta, GA 30316

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