Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two Urban Licks Sunday Splurge

An ad for Two Urban Licks Sunday Splurge hit my inbox this week. what a fun idea - a Sunday Roast and bottomless beverages! Sunday Roast has long been a part of British culture, and always something I loved when living in London. You rock up to a cozy bar with your newspapers and just while away the day eating hearty fare and sipping on pints. Clearly the vibe at Two Urban Licks isn't quite the same as some warm little pint with a fire roaring, but still, a fun sounding event with good prices!

Brody just pointed out in the comments that the menu is hard to find on the website. Here are the upcoming roasts:

Feb 21st: Pig Roast
Feb 28th: Lamb Roast
March 7th: Poultry Roast (Chicken, Quail, Turkey, Duck)
March 14th: Seafood Roast (Salmon, Shrimp, Mahi, Oysters)



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