Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nuance Kitchenware

During my travels in Copenhagen, I went in search of gorgeous Scandinavian designed furniture and home goods. Those Scandis sure know how to design! Alas, everything was too expensive, so I came home empty handed, but I was smitten with one particular line we saw - Nuance - and was determined to find it stateside.

Thank goodness for Amazon, purveyor of everything under the sun. They of course have Nuance, and it's much much cheaper than it was in Denmark, which is funny because the line is in fact Danish, by industrial designer Marcus Vagnby.

Nuance's line has also sorts of useful kitchen tools, from wine finers that aerate a bottle of wine in just seconds, to trivets, to all variety of brushes. But these items aren't just useful, they're GORGEOUS. Why should you settle for blah looking tools when they can look like art on your counter? Seriously, this line makes even tongs look sexy.

Mr. AT and I promptly put a few Nuance items on our registry (my new favorite way to indicate exactly what we want for holidays, birthdays, etc. Man will I be sad when my newlywed year is over and those babies come down!) My family got us the wine finer and pastry brush for our birthdays, and I must say we are loving them. OK we haven't made any pastries, but the brush looks great, and Mr. AT is enthralled with the wine finer, so much so that he just bought one as a gift for a friend.

Granted these items are more expensive than some other options, but beauty doesn't come easy, right? If I'm going to slave in the kitchen and buy beautiful dishware to entertain with, I figure I don't want to ruin the look with some plastic piece of junk. And oh they just looks so lovely, it makes using them more fun.

And you don't have to sacrifice function for beauty. Many of these items are more functional than the norm. For instance, I always find it frustrating that most whisks are metal, which of course ruins the finish on non-stick pans, so I'm dying for Nuance's gorgeous stainless steel and nylon whisk.

The Nuance Mortar and Pestle (shown at the top) is truly a thing of beauty...kind of brings a tear to my Danish design/food obsessed eye! Yes, that is dorky, but what can I say, I love me some pretty. And the bottle opener (shown below)- wouldn't you just feel so very Nordic and hip to whip this out at your next dinner party? Selvfølgelig! (Danish for "of course!")

Want some Nuance items of your own? Check out my Amazon store at the bottom of the page or link directly to the cooking gear section here.



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