Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hipsters on Food Stamps

Who knew...apparently the starving artist, recession-afflicted hipsters are on food stamps these days. Read more about it here. I noticed recently that Whole Foods accepts food stamps, which at the time amused me because I tried to imagine why someone struggling financially would ever shop at Whole Paycheck Foods. Without getting into the politics of food stamps, I do think it's at least nice to prove out that you can use food stamps to buy healthy, high quality food and not just junk food. That said, I can't imagine 200 bucks goes very far in a month if you're buying ingredients like rabbit or grass fed beef.  My bill at Whole Foods often approaches $120 or so and that's just for my weekly staples and ingredients for 1 or 2 more elaborate meals! No wonder our annual food spending is through the roof...



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