Monday, April 19, 2010

Restaurant Review: INC Street Food

Saturday was just one of those days. First I "pop" into Macy's just to return something, and the epic crowds jostling for shoes and jewelry was like the seventh circle of hell. I manage to escape with my items returned and even snagged a mother's day gift after what seemed like an eternity of waiting and much teeth gnashing. Then we schlep to a car deal to get a new key for Mr. AT only to find that we can’t get it done that day. And of course when I went to show my sister what I bought our mother it turns out they sold me the wrong thing. Triple blurg!

So I was keen to unwind in the fun new Latin spot – INC Street Food – in old town Roswell. For those who don’t venture OTP, the Roswell is actually adorable. The streets are lined with outdoor cafes and art galleries. INC in fact feels like it could be in East Atlanta – but as Mr. AT put it, you’re more likely to find a tea partier there than a hipster. All kidding aside, the decor is funky and cool and has a similar vibe to El Taco, all of which is rarely found in OTP dining.
To take the edge of my triple whammy of annoyance, I kicked things off with a cocktail. On the advice of little sister, I opted for the Paloma, a combo of elderflower liquor, tequila and grapefruit juice. In fairness to her, I should have known that I might not like this, but even so, it was no bueno – way too bitter for me. My darling hubby chose better, albeit girlier, and had a pink hued raspberry inflected margarita. At least my bitter drink mellowed as the ice melted but it definitely wasn’t my cup of t(equila).

We started with cactus and yuca fries, and much like traditional fries, they were crispy, salty bliss. The Latin remoulade made for a delectable dipping sauce, but the chipotle pico left us confused. What exactly are you supposed to do with a chunky pico and fries? The yuca have more of a grainy interior while the cactus reminded me of fried green peppers, which turns out to be a very good thing!

When it comes to taco, I prefer to mix and match a la Taqueria or El Taco, but INC sells theirs only on plates of 3. So the four of us chose four different types of taco– veal cheek, shrimp, tuna and carnitas – and split them. I forwent the shrimp since there were only 3 and dove into the other options. Tuna was tasty but not especially strongly flavored or memorable. Veal cheek was flat out disappointing – fatty meat and little flavor to speak of. I didn’t even finish mine. Fortunately the pork carnitas saved the day. Crispy and appealingly salty and immensely scarfable, I actually would have been better off just sticking with those!

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend intowners rush out to Roswell to try INC, but I do think it’s a fun concept and a much needed OTP hip hangout. I was intriguied by some of their other street food options like empanadas and pupusas, so despite some misses, I’ll try it again next time I’m in the area.

Pros: Funky decor, unique concept for the area, easily shareable
Cons: lack of taco ordering flexibility (can’t order just one!), inconsistent seasoning

INC Street Food
948 Canton Street
Roswell, GA

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