Friday, April 30, 2010

Urban Picnic Wrap-Up

Mr. AT and I popped over to the Street Food Event at Auburn Curb Market today. Who knew there was a full-fledged market down there? It's way sketchy in the area, but the market itself is very cute with lots of interesting food vendors. Here's what else I learned:

  1. Hipsters love street food. I'm not sure when being into food and being a hipster collided, but nowadays inexpensive food events are choc-a-bloc with the pierced, tattooed, skinny jean set. Mr. AT and I were dressed more like we were heading to a country club but to each their own!
  2. The street food movement is popular indeed - the event was packed!
  3. So popular in fact that street vendors need to stock more food. If an event lasts til 2, it's a bummer if you're out of stock by 12:45. Plan ahead next time peeps - lost sales, yo! Everyone was sucking away at the King of Pops popsicles, and it was so very hot, so I was oh so letdown when I saw that he'd sold out before I could get one. He's friends with a coworker so we pre-tested some of his popsicle concoctions a while back, but alas my kiwi version was the single worst popsicle ever, all bitter, no yummy. But I can tell by all of his good press as of late here and here, that he must have scrapped or improved upon what we tried. But I was robbed (ROBBED I tell you!) of the chance to try one by over-zealous early arrivers.
  4. A hot dog with apple maple slaw on a french toast bun topped with mustard and maple syrup from the Good Food Truck is just as strange as it sounds but actually pretty tasty.
  5. You have to actually pay attention to the line you're in if you want to a) not get cut in front of b) get your food in a timely fashion (I'm looking at you glaring pierce-face girl)

All in all, very cool event, but next time I'll get there early so I can actually try things before they sell out! Congrats to all the vendors though for attracting such a crowd!



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