Wednesday, June 30, 2010

16 Wacky Wine Pairings from Slashfoods

I'm a crazy busy gal this week so for the moment let me just share some wacky wine pairings from Kristine Hansen at Slashfood(thanks to Michael Erickson from Fifth Group for sharing!)

Excerpt from 16 Wacky Wine Pairings:

We got a hold of Stuart, director of wine education at Third Coast Wine Werks and a certified Master sommelier, and picked her brain for some food and wine pairing ideas not on most wine critics' radars. 

Stuart's favorite pairings ...

Gummy Bears: Moscato d'Asti 

Granola with yogurt: "I think Mimosas are great, but some plain Cava works well, too."

Buttered Popcorn: "California Chardonnay ... though popcorn is great with a plethora of wines thanks to its relatively neutral flavor, butter component, and saltiness that heightens the flavors in wine."

Potato Chips: Dry Champagne, "which makes it even harder to 'eat just one.'" 

Olives: "Olives can be tough, but I look to Mediterranean wines (since that is where olives are prominent)," says Stuart. "Greek white wines are great, as are Spanish. Garnacha (red) and Assyrtiko (white) ."

Pesto sauce: Sauvignon Blanc (if the recipe contains more basil than garlic) or Pinot Grigio (preferred pick for a pesto with lots of garlic) 

Ice Cream Sandwich: Late Harvest Zinfandel 

Chocolate-chip cookies: Tawny Port 

Guacamole: Torrontes (mild recipe) or Gruner Veltliner (spicy recipe) 

Fish and Chips: Chardonnay is a wine that Stuart doesn't hesitate to recommend -- as long as it's not too oaky. "Chablis or any other white Burgundy/'Bourgogne Blanc' would work, too," she says.

Pop Tarts: "It's been a while since I had one, but I am thinking Brachetto d'Acqui would be good, especially with berry- or chocolate-flavored."

Hot dogs: Dry Rose if plain, Pinot Noir if with mustard, Zinfandel if with chili 

Peanut M&M's: Tawny Port, a pairing that Stuart confessed to recently indulging in 

PB&J: A jammy Shiraz 

Chicken & Waffles: drier-style Champagne 

Chocolate Chip Pancakes w/ Syrup: Sparkling Shiraz

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Personally I'm thinking a late harvest zin and an ice cream sandwich sound like absolute heaven!



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