Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cocktails at Alto Rex

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Melissa Libby, I got to check out the roof bar, AltoRex, on the roof of the Hotel Palomar in Midtown for cocktails last weekend. Being an not quite young married lady, I’m not big in the bar scene these days, so it was a lovely change from the norm to enjoy such

altorexFortunately the weather cooled down enough to enjoy a relaxing evening in the lovely outdoor space. The decor is both posh and relaxed, organic and urban. The chic green and white sofas and cabanas reminded me of my beloved Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica.

Mr.AT and I settled into a sofa near a dwindling office happy hour. As time passed, the crowd shifted from a post-work happy hour scene to more see-and-be-seen. I chose a Summer Down South, with fresh watermelon juice and cucumber vodka – so refreshing and light. A truly perfect summer cocktail, especially as it was completely devoid of the cloying sweetness of fruity martinis elsewhere. Always the Manhattan lover, Mr. AT opted for a Cherry Apple Sour, mixing bourbon with black cherry jam and apple juice.

Since we’d already had dinner, we nibbled on a plate of cannolis for dessert. No sooner had the plate been sat down on our table, than the greedy little fingers of a lingering happy hour guest swooped in, with an exclaim of, “ooh I love cannolis.” The cannoli was perched perilously between his lips before we could convince him that it was in fact our dessert. Embarrassed he offered it back to us, but call me crazy, but prefer my cannolis unscathed by the lips of strangers!

Alto Rex shares a kitchen, and chef Keira Moritz, with Pacci downstairs, so it came as no surprise that the cannolis were wonderful. Crisp on the outside, and a creamy wonder inside. My healthy eating kick for the week was thrown out the window in favor of these addictive treats. What was surprising, though, is that Moritz herself hand delivered two new cannolis for us to share to make up for the earlier cannoli incident.

Some may recall that Moritz was one of the chefs nominated for Atlanta’s Hottest Chef. Not only is she awfully talented and cute, but she was also very gracious to us, complete with an oh so sweet little Southern accent.  I hear she may have had the opportunity to go on Top Chef but wasn’t enticed by reality fame. But seriously someone put this lady on the show – there is a serious dearth of charming or attractive ladies on there season after season.

All in all a lovely little date night for Mr. AT and me. I’d highly recommend Alto Rex for post work cocktails or even a little evening prowling – it definitely seemed like the kind of place doing a little cocktailing and flirting.



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