Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Dish (NY Edition): Casa Mono Sweetbreads

Great googly moogly, if Casa Mono sweetbreads don't convince you to that offal can be, well awfully delicious, then nothing will. Mr. AT and I, now two years past our NY days, still discuss these crispy little glands with something approaching worship. Salty, crispy perfection on the outside, rich and creamy inside. It's like fois gras fried chicken. Yes, Virginia, there is a santa claus, and he's dishing up the best damn sweetbreads EVER.

I try sweetbreads every time I see them on a menu in hopes of once again achieving such foodie nirvana, but alas, nary a one has compared. Some serve them too chewy, some under-seasoned, but I've had Casa Mono's enough time to say without a doubt that they are perfection every single time.

And as if that's not enough, the licorice flavor of fennel cuts through the richness and offers a wonderful contrast. Bliss!

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