Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Food Entrepreneurs: High Cotton Bakery

A dark chocolate muffin vs. stale crackers from last week's lunch? It's an easy choice, right? Fortunately, Virginia from High Cotton Bakery will bring fresh baked muffins right to your office, so you don't even have to stop updating your Facebook status working diligently to enjoy a mid-day sweet treat!

Virginia Abell whips up her muffins at Irwin Street Market, but if you want one, the best way is to have her visit your office. Like a baked good angel, she'll show up just when you're jonesing for a treat to get you through the day.
Virginia Abell
Forget the dry, dense muffins you find elsewhere. High Cotton Bakery muffins are light and full of yummy goodness - you will definitely not stop at just the muffin top. Sort of like a cupcake minus the icing, which means you can eat it any time of day, right?

Her specialty is classic blueberry, but I liked the dark chocolate coconut even better. Unusual and sweet but not cloying was a bright green pistachio variety. She makes an array of flavors and changes seasonally, so you never know what's coming your way. I hear the fall pumpkin version is to die for! And her chocolate chip cookies are divine, too, if that's more your speed.

Skipped breakfast? Tired of mid-day vending machine trips? Don't need any excuse to eat sweets? Email Virginia and arrange for her to visit your office! 

High Cotton Bakery
Twitter: HighCotton_ATL



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