Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick Bites: Pita Palace

Lately Mr. AT and I are both trying to save money and eat healthy, which makes for lots of cooking at home. But after two nights of entertaining in the last week, I'm all cooked out. So it was off to one of my two standby take out options - Pita Palace.

Most truly awesome take out restaurants aren't much to look at, and Pita Palace is true to form. It's in the Jewish strip mall at Briarcliff and Lavista. It's tiny with just a few tables, blasting Israeli music videos, and a rather creepy poster of a Jewish man with coke bottle glasses stuffing a pita down his gullet (trust me, you have to see it to appreciate its full creep-factor).

The same diminutive, hirsute guy is working there EVERY SINGLE TIME I go in. Apparently he takes the Sabbath quite seriously, and it is his only day of rest. So don't bother trying to sate your pita craving on Saturdays! This guy is small enough that I am pretty sure he's standing on a platform behind the counter in order to see over. I seriously love this guy - he sates my craving for the very tiny and the very tasty (not at the same time, thankyouverymuch!) I have no pics from pita palace because I'm always heading there straight from pilates, but here is a photo of one of my very favorite tiny things...

But I digress...

Pita Palace may be no frills, but the food is consistently tasty. We always choose the shwarma plate, which omes with a massive pile of hot, succulent meat (origins not entirely known, but who cares when it's this good?), fries or falafal balls, pitas, and serve yourself "salad." The salad bar is my personal favorite part. First there's the ritual. The guy without fail will always ask in singsong way, "you want hummus? Baba ghanoush? Spicy sauce?" There is literally no stopping him mid-questioning. Even if you say, "I want all three," he will simply continue on. You have to just let him do his thing!

Then you have your pick of diced cucumber and tomato, heaven sent fried eggplant, crunchy fried pita, pickles, pepperoncini, etc. I always load up extra on the pickles and eggplant. They are just so addictively good, and make a fabulous counterpoint to the savory meat and creamy hummus and baba ghanoush.

Tonight Mr. AT and I split just that platter. In the past we got one shwarma pita, which comes with no sides, and one platter so we could share the sides, but we always had meat leftover, so really for just $14 we can feed ourselves a very satisfying dinner.

If you live anywhere in the Virginia Highlands/Druid Hills area, Pita Palace is totally worth a visit. When you want a quick dinner option, it's hard to beat!

Pita Palace
1658 Lavista Road Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30329
(404) 781-7482
Open Mon-Fri,Sun

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