Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Studio Movie Grill in Alpharetta

Dining and movie watching is one of those things that makes perfect sense and yet there are few places you can do it besides your sofa. We've had an option in Buckhead for years, but now those OTP can enjoy their own bites 'n flicks combo at Studio Movie Grill in Alpharetta.

I have pretty low expectations for movie theater food, as cherry icees and junior mints are as good as most get (don't get me wrong, those are delish!), but Mr. AT and I went to check outStudio Movie Grill's more ambitious menu rececently and were quite impressed.

First off, it is FAR FAR away from those ITP, but if you live near Alpharetta, it's a pleasant surprise in a sea of strip malls. There's a pretty hip waiting area bar where you can lounge and sip signature cocktails while you wait for your film to be called. When you hear your movie called out, you head in a choose a seat, and in no time flat a friendly waiter is there to serve you. You have a little button you can push, too, so you can beckon them throughout the evening with minimal effort.

The menu is pretty standard bar and grill fare, heavy on the burgers, pizzas, and wings. Always on the quest for good wings, we started with the spicy Tabasco wings before chowing down on make your own sandwiches. I opted for a cheddar jalapeƱo chicken sandwich.

Food came out in no time, and soon enough I was sipping on pinot noir, digging into hot wings and a sandwich, and enjoying the much maligned Knight & Day. Let it be said that despite the lousy box office take and my own serious doubts about anything Tom Cruise does, this film was much, much better than I expected! Really totally worth an add to your Netflix queue

First off, the wings were really good. Shockingly good in fact. Mr. AT loves to complain about Atlanta's dearth of decent hot wings, and he was scarfing these down like nobody's business. Go figure, you head way up to the burbs, to a movie theater no less, and end up with great wings. They were meaty, with appealingly crisp skin, and the perfect level of heat - enough to appeal to my Teflon mouthed honey and still not sizzle fry my delicate palate! I got thoroughly messy, but hey, it's dark, so who cares!

The burgers and chicken sandwiches were more typical of what you'd expect. Tasty enough and mightily unhealthy but nothing to get excited about. Still, it was as good as I'd expect from the kind of restaurants where you "go watch a game," and I don't even have to endure sports while there.

Eager to continue stuffing ourselves while Cameron and Tom flirted and fought there way out of trouble, we indulged in the brownie sundae and fresh chocolate chip cookies. I have never said such a thing, but the brownie was kind of eh. Not bad, but just not as scrumptiliumptious as brownies should be. Probably due to being preprepared and reheated. The cookies, which likely met the same fate, totally worked, though. They were gooey and oh so yummy - A perfect film denouement treat!

Towards the end of the film, our charming suburban teen waiter headed back over with the bill, and we were able to leave promptly when the film ended. All in all, a delightful evening of gustatory and visual entertainment. 5-star it ain't, but that's not really the point. It's definitely a fun night out, and makes mid-evening movie times infinitely more appealing. Is it just me or is it hard to work dinner around 8-ish movie times? This way you can kill two birds with one stone!

Studio Movie Grill
2880 Holcomb Bridge Road
Alpharetta, GA 30022



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