Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How Customer Service Can Turn You From One- Time Customer to Passionate Advocate Part 2

Once upon a time, I wrote about how Shed at Glenwood won me over with great service. Now I can say the same for La Tavola. Since it's in my hood, I've been there many a time and I've always been pleased by the great food and service. But they officially won me over when I visited, hubby and in-laws in tow last week.

We ordered a bottle of wine to share. Mr. AT sniffed it and thought it may be a bit off, but gave it the benefit of the doubt and thought it might just need to open up. But eventually the entire table agreed, this wine was corked, meaning the cork had the taint (yes it's really called that!) and had ruined the wine. Quelle horreur!

Unlike our previous experience with a super snarky sommelier at Miller Union, our waiter and the manager at La Tavola got it just right. They didn't argue us or imply that we couldn't possibly identify wine that was bad. Instead, they apologized and quickly replaced the bottle. And  in fact after sniffing it themselves, they agreed with us. They also didn't try to make us feel guilty, and they didn't glare at us as we sampled the new bottle (I'm giving a mental stink eye to you snooty Miller Union guy). In short, they were charming, efficient and helpful.

It's a well known fact that unhappy customers tell far more people than happy ones do. So customer service is about not only generating positive word of mouth but also staving off the very loud haters (that's me when it comes to Miller Union). Glad to see a restaurant getting it right!

And it goes without saying that the experience was made all the better due to the stellar veal saltimbocca, divine grilled calamari, and ooey gooey burrata.

La Tavola
992 Virginia Avenue Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30306

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