Sunday, August 8, 2010

Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival

More details to come but for now, here are some pics from yesterday's totally amazing Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Festival. It was a truly epic event with nearly all of Atlanta's hottest restaurants and chefs represented.

The event was sold out, so this event was packed. But the food was so great that it was totally worth battling it out with the sweaty masses for a taste!

One of my fave dishes of the day, from City Grocery in Oxford, MS, Bacon rillette sandwiches on tomato biscuits.

James Beard nominated Chef Hugh Acheson. Word is his long awaited Atlanta debut, Empire State South opens at the end of the month. Can't wait! Another interesting fact - the chef will be Nick Melvin, formerly of Parish, pictured next to him.

A rare misfire, Bacchanalia's shaved ice was actually one of my least favorite dishes of the day. Sounds much better than it tastes!

Top Chef favorite Kevin Gillespie was serving up divine tomatoey ice cream sandwiches.

The Spazmatics blasted my eardrums out with music that would have been awesome to dance to had I not been a) melting b) stuffed silly.

Sound Table's Paul Calvert mixes up one of the day's winning cocktails.

Top Chef's Hector serves up sandwiches from his new shop Super Pan. Also among my least favorite dishes - more bread than filling and a bit too spicy. That said, I'm still dying to try his regular menu!

I got a chance to chat up competition judge, Bon Appetit food editor, and Atlantan Andrew Knowlton. What a great gig this guy has, right?

Miles Macquerrie, Leon's bartender and winner of best cocktail presentation, shakes it like he means it. Meanwhile, 5 Seasons helped cool festival-goers down with several varieties of beer, including a unique watermelon brew.
The 5 Seasons Firetruck



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