Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More from the Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival

Just about finally recovered from my lycopene overdose on Sunday! Attack of the Killer Tomatoes will definitely be ranked as one of my fave dining events of the year. Nearly every Atlanta restaurant worth caring about was represented, and they didn't just send out the B-team - well-known chefs were out in full force. Everyone dished up tomato inspired dishes, ranging from ice cream to cocktails to more traditional tart and sandwich preparations.
Pacci's Keira Moritz serving up tomato and basil ice creams. Yum!

Mr. AT and weaved in and out of the sweaty crowd to make sure we tried just about everything there. That resulted in me being food drunk by the end of the day  (you know that feeling when you eat so much that it mirrors actual drunkenness? No? You must not be a glutton then!). The highlights for me were Pacci's Keira Moritz and her heavenly tomato and basil ice cream cones which confirmed what a versatile fruit tomatoes are, Holeman & Finch's utterly addictive heirloom tomato corn dogs with brandywine ketchup, and Aria's deceptively simple grilled cheese with roof top dried tomatoes, bacon and chipotle dipping sauce.

Rathbun's shrimp tomato soup dumplings with tomato ponzu
The party wouldn't be complete with tomato cocktails, right? Turns out there's more to tomato drunkeness than just bloody mary's!  Sound Table's "La Mancha" was personal fave of the day and won the day's top cocktail prize.
Sound Table's Paul Calvert
Leon's Miles Macquerrie making a Golden Ticket cocktail. Is this guy a throwback or what?

Other scoop from the day: I saw Top Chef's Eli who said the rumors of him taking over the old Repast space are premature. Apparently he's one of many people considering the lease right now. No word on what style of cuisine he'd prepare. 

With this many chefs there, I'm so glad we got our tickets right before they sold out. $50 well spent and we supported Georgia Organics while we were stuffing ourselves silly. Definitely an amazing, albeit steaming hot, celebration of summer's bounty!



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