Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One of many reasons I love Mr. AT

Sometimes it smacks against my feminist ways, but I am in fact the primary cook in my home. Mr. AT can cook perfectly wel, but like some sort of 50's throwback, he tends the lawn and takes out the trash while I whip up dinner or bake brownies. Fortunately for mwe, there's the grill - that oh so manly domain that Mr. AT can feel good about ruling over, which means I get an occasional reprieve from cooking.

It is worth noting that whatever his kitchen shortfalls may be, my husband is the kind of man who will grill our steaks in a furious thunderstorm. It's the modern day kitchen equivalent of throwing his jacket over a puddle only with more chance of electrocution. I was well-fed with nary a drop of rain dampening my skin. What a guy! And for the record, that is my rather girlie umbrella. He of course would have chosen something in sensible navy blue or black if he had the choice.



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