Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Deal: Visa Deal of the Day on LivingSocial

Since we're on the topic of deals, here's another one for you...

Visa is currently partnering with Living Social and sponsoring occasional Free Deal Days. When the deal is on, you can simply pay for the deal with a Visa card and get another deal to give to a friend - two deals for the price of one.

Like OpenTable Spotlight, you pay to purchase a voucher. Recent deals have ranged between 50-85% off. Unlike OpenTable Spotlight or Groupon, though, you aren't at the whims of others. Once you buy it, it's yours. But the twist is if you get three other people to sign up for the deal, then yours is free. Nice, and with the Free Deal Day your deal gets even better.

The next Visa Free Deal Day in Atlanta is on Tuesday, September 7th, for Pesos Mexican Cantina. Check it out!



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