Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Butchery event Oct. 7 and new Butchery Cookbook

Earlier today, I was commenting that I'd really like to learn how to butcher. Not that I'm actually jonesing to get elbow deep in animal carcass, but it does seem like a cost effective way to be a carnivore. It's much cheaper to buy a large cut of meat and slice it up yourself into tenderloins and various and sundry other cuts.

So it was quite a coinci-dink when I stumbled upon this very cool sounding event. High on the Hog will take place October 7 at 7 PM at Engine 11 on North Ave. It includes a live butcher demo an a 4-course meat-centric dinner. Even the cocktails will take inspiration from the porcine stars of the show - including a bacon infused bourbon. They're going to demo breaking down a pig, lamb, and rabbit.

The whole shebang, cocktails/wine, butchery demo, dinner, Spotted Trotter charcuterie and even a t-shirt are included for $100, skip the latter 2 and pay only $75. Sigh...sounds like a very cool event. 

Still too rich for your blood? Then you can check out this new book: Primal Cuts: Cooking with America's Best Butchers. It's a collection of interviews of 50 of America's best butchers, 100 recipes and 150 meat worshipping photos. For those of us not in the know about butchering, the book also includes tips and techniques. 

Full disclosure, I have not yet actually seen the book, but it sounds rather fab. It was described by Andrew Zimmern as a "paean to the meat cutting art." And even Temple Grandin of Emmy spotlight hogging fame loved it. Intriguing, no? 

According to their press release, National Butchers Week is just around the corner on Nov. 7. Who knew?! More events to come as the week approaches...



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