Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shield's Meat Market

I've long fantasized about having access to a top notch meat market. Publix just doesn't do it for me alas. I still lament there isn't one in my hood, but I was pleased to discover recently that Shields is just down the road in Decatur. Who knew that tucked away in a CVS, there's a real deal butcher?

We went in search of the perfect steaks for our weekend company. They cut to order 2 bone-in ribeyes and 2 boneless ribeyes. The steaks are corn fed, which isn't ideal given my newfound Food Inc inspired craving for grass fed beef, but they are delicious and incredibly high quality. The prices aren't for the faint of heart - $85 for the 4 steaks, but from what I hear that's not out of line with premium steak pricing.

Regardless the steaks were blow your mind delicious, so for a special occasion, Shield's is a perfect option. I didn't sample any of their other wares, but the service was friendly and knowledgeable, and when our friends inquired about a cut I've never even heard of, we were informed that they could provide just about anything you might need there. The shop is also stocked with non-beef options like lamb and chicken, and a smattering of fresh produce and sides.

Shields Meat Market
1554 North Decatur Rd, 
Atlanta, Ga 30307



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