Friday, September 3, 2010

Top Chef Washington, Why Do You Taunt Me So? SPOILER ALERT


I can't quite seem to give up Top Chef even though it has disappointed me more than once. And so here I am coming into the home stretch of a rather dismal season feeling very let down. There will always be an inherent challenge that comes with judging food that the viewers can't taste. That said, I cannot for the life of me figure out why Top Chef judges want to anger me so.

First Kenny, one of the few chefs who seemed capable of giving Angelo a run for his money, gets kicked off prematurely. He ran hot and cold, so I can see that his errors during restaurant wars could have been significant, but even so, he's better on average than the likes of Amanda (she of the unfortunate birth mark or season long cold sore).

OK so I can deal with one early departure, that's reality drama for you, but now Tiffany is ousted leaving boring guy, boring girl, other boring guy and Angelo (aka guy who'ssurely going to win). At least she's been bringing it as of late and could have been a dark horse for the win. Alas, what's more shocking to me is not that a seemingly better chef got ousted, but that once again a fairly unlikeable person is sure to win.

Granted, Top Chef may well be about the best chef, but given the many appearances these chefs ultimately make, would it kill them to find someone likable? Remember Hosea? No? Point made. I guess it doesn't really matter since charming runners-up like Kevin Gillespie and Fabio have done just fine, but it's been too many years since there was a winner I could be excited about. Ultimately the chefs would do well to remember that since we the viewers can't actually taste the food, personality counts a lot.

Angelo deserves to win the season. He's out cooked the other chefs more often than not, so a win by him won't disappoint me per se, but it has been such a foregone conclusion that it's not very exciting. And if he doesn't win, it feels like a cheat because he so deserves it. See the conundrum?

So here's what I want to see - more years like last year or Richard Blais' season when there were a number of real contenders for the win, and more winners who combine skills with media ready charms. Is that too much to ask?

And in other news Top Chef Cheftestant Ed's NY restaurant is a bomb.



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