Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Five Second Rule

I've seen the scientific studies that prove that there really is no such thing as the five second rule. The food hits the floor and immediately begins collecting all sorts of nasty bacteria and other assorted funk. And yet, I often subscribe to it anyway.

My rule of thumb is not that far off the diagram below. I typically invoke the five second rule when the item is either very delicious or very expensive and has fallen somewhere where I am at least not aware of deadly germs living. For example, I'll consider eating things of my kitchen floor if it's too near the edges where all the dirt seems to hide, but I don't eat anything that I've dropped in the sink (which is weird reasoning, I know, but I figure the worst of the worst is near the drain).

What's your personal five second rule?

So You Dropped Your Food On The Floor: Do You Eat it?
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