Friday, October 22, 2010

Restaurant Preview: Tin Can Fish House & Oyster Bar

Tin Can Fish House & Oyster Bar opened just a few weeks ago in Sandy Springs from the owners of Teela Taqueria, located right next door. Tin Can offers a casual seaside bar and grill atmosphere and a moderately priced menu of you guessed it, seafood.

Mr. AT and I are always suckers for fresh oysters, especially when they're priced so reasonably - $6.50 for a half dozen of the mignonette preparation. The oysters themselves were a bit on the small side, but for that price, you can afford to buy more!

As you'd find at most casual seafood eateries, much of the menu is fried. Fortunately, Tin Can gets more clever than just offering up plain ol' fried versions of different fishy offerings. Sure, you'll find the ubiquitous calimari, but they're also serving up conch fritters that truly reminded me of the islands. We also tried the increasingly common but always addictive bang bang shrimp. Seriously, I know they're bad for me and just about the same anywhere you get them, but they are pretty darn good!

Mussels were also a bit anemic, but the thai broth, redolent of coconut milk, ginger, and curry was heaven. It was served with bread, but I'd suggest that Tin Can get on the H&F Bakery train (just like nearly every other restaurant in town) because some of H&F's buttered toast points dipped in that broth would be bananas!

A shrimp and oyster po-boy was exactly what you'd expect and at $9 was plenty shareable. It was served with fries, and we added a side of sweet potato tater tots and fried green tomatoes. I've never had this take on the tot, but I must say I liked the sweetness of them to balance out all the other salty fried goodness. The tomatoes offered a great balance of tart tomato, salty crisp breading and a spicy dipping sauce. Their take on this southern staple was actually as good as I've had at most places.

Not content to be fried seafood gluttons, we added in dessert - a caramel and chocolate brownie. My expectations for dessert are typically low in a bar and grill environment, but this was much better than average and was quickly scarfed down despite our ever tightening waistbands.

There were of course more healthy options that we didn't choose include four different non-fried preparations of your choice of seven types of seafood.

I can't say that I get up to Sandy Springs very often, but I do think that Tin Can is a great entry into the casual dining mix in the land of OTP chain restaurants and strip malls. The menu is approachable, with a wide variety of options to suit any taste or level of healthiness. And in a town as land locked and seafood sparse as ours, a good inexpensive place to get fish, oysters, mussels or shrimp is always welcome!

Tin Can Fish House & Oyster Bar

City Walk at Sandy Springs
227 Sandy Springs Place
Suite 502
Sandy Springs, Georgia 30328
Tel: (404) 497-9997

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