Monday, November 22, 2010

Angry Chef Dinner at Rosebud

As if being owner and chef at Rosebud isn't enough, Ron Eyester has a new persona - the Angry Chef. Eyester's hilarious rants about the foibles of customers have become all the rage on twitter (follow him at and created quite a stir on CNN's Eatocracy blog when he wrote about six ways you can customers can tick off a chef, generating over 1,600 frequently angry comments.

So as a treat for his faithful twitter followers, Eyester hosted a freebie multi-course dinner at Rosebud last night. See he's not that angry!

Actually, he regaled us all evening with angry and hilarious tales of his customer pet peeves, ranging from allergies to asking the restaurant to turn down the music. Heavily peppered with f-bombs, Eyester was on a roll and had the crowd cracking up between the courses. My favorite line of the night? "If I was lactose intolerant and couldn't have cheese or cream, I'd wear an f'ing diaper." That's the spirit!

Our menu was varied and showcased his sense of humor as well as his creativity and the skills of his new chef de cuisine, Nick Melvin, recently of Empire State South. (Sidebar: Does anyone know why Melvin left ESS so fast? The gossip in me would LOVE to know!)

Dinner with the Angry Chef
Amuse: Cured Salmon Tartare
Spaghetti & Lobster Eggroll (inspired by a NYT article on the recent iCarly spaghetti taco craze)
Soup & Salad (san marzanos with saffron alphabet soup)
Beet Risotto
"Steak and Eggs" (a play on his loathing for brunch, brisket and sweet egg)
Some Cheese
Red Hot Candied Georgia Apples

Spaghetti and lobster eggroll
I've always loved Rosebud for it's heartier, cholesterol-be-damned dishes, but the menu's lighter fare was actually my favorite. The soup was cream free and yet was full of rich, spicy tomato flavor. And I've never had a beet risotto before, but Rosebud's take was light and imminently comforting without feeling like a ton of bricks in my stomach.

Beet risotto
The sweet egg was also a delightful surprise. Akin to the sweet eggs you find at sushi restaurants, this square block o' egg was oh so yummy and balanced a fairly salty brisket. And what's not to love about candied apples, especially with a little cinnamon kick?!

"Steak and Eggs," brisket on sweet egg and grits
All in all it was a blast of an evening. We heard stories that quite literally made his former PR gal blush and we got an entire evening of great, free food. Afterwards we popped into his soon to be bar, The Family Dog, in the former Pomodoro and frame shop space. It's not fully built out yet, but the original gorgeous and very high ceilings suggest it could be quite a cozy cool place. Lest you expect something else, as Eyester told us, "it's not going to be an f'ing gastropub. It's a bar....chefs need somewhere to go get hammered." Well said!

Red Hot candied apple
The as of late ubiquitous chef might just be coming to a TV near you. Word on the street is that the queen of late night crude humor. Chelsea Handler, is interested in sharing the Angry Chef with the world. Let's hope that comes to pass, I have a feeling it would be hilarious!

A peek inside the yet-unfinished "The Family Dog"

1397 N Highland Avenue NE, 
Atlanta, GA
(404) 347-9747



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