Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Atlanta Underground Market

Secret events come with automatic cachet. But the trick is you have to actually be in the know to get in on the fun.

Well consider me your fairy godmother of awesome secretiveness. Coming up on Feb. 26, local foodies and artisans will set up shop in a secret location to dish out gourmet slow food. These events first took place in San Fran, home of many cool food trends. Read about one such event here.

Here's the idea-- typically food vendors, even very small ones whipping up treats in their kitchens, are subject to all sorts of requirements to make sure they don't poison you. Laws are mighty stifling to the indie vendor, so this is your chance to throw caution to the wind and sample homemade treats without all the red tape. Sign up for the underground market, and two days before the event, you'll get an email letting you know where the market will be. Day of, pay $2 to join this "private club" and enjoy treats from pros and home cooks alike.

How fun is that? I'll be there with bells on. But shhhhh don't tell, it's a secret!



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