Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunday Alcohol Sales in Georgia

Photo Credit: David
I have long thought Georgia's blue laws were dumb as can be. I can sit at home and be a godless drunken heathen whether I can buy a six pack at Kroger on a Sunday or not, so why on earth are legislators bothering to restrict my shopping? I am no Biblical scholar, but I'm reasonably certain that Jesus did not have a specific stance on which days were acceptable for alcohol purchase at grocery and package stores.

Now if lobbies with a business interest want to argue on this topic, I can at least respect that they have a legitimate interest in protecting their bottom line, but a religious argument? I just don't get it. Mind you even today we can buy booze in restaurants, bars and ballparks on Sundays, so I don't even understand the inconsistency of the conservative stance on this issue.

As of late there's finally been some buzz that Governor Deal was ready to play ball and allow local areas to vote on Sunday sales. Atlanta, of course, would almost certainly allow it. Ending our reign as one of only three states in the country with a complete black out on Sunday sales.

And now I read that Conservative Christians may cajole Republicans into voting against this bill. Seriously? I'm of legal age. I can stockpile all the booze I want Monday-Saturday, and even Jesus was down with turning water into wine, so I politely request that legislators butt out of my life and let Atlanta decide for itself if we want to buy hooch on Sundays. That is all.

Read more about this immensely ridiculous situation in the AJC



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