Monday, March 28, 2011

Chef Ron Eyester's The Family Dog Opens Thursday

Photo credit: The Family Dog
For those who still have lives that allow them to stay up past midnight, tonight is a very special night. It's a midnight preview part of The Family Dog, the new bar from Rosebud's Chef Ron Eyester and Jason Chenette. Morningside has a decided lack of boozing options, so this is a welcome addition to the hood.

Located across the street from Rosebud, The Family Dog also gets its name from the music Eyester so loves. While Rosebud was named for Jerry Garcia's guitar, The Famly Dog is  an infamous San Francisco music cooperative. You learn something new every day.

Last I saw Eyester he was proclaiming that The Family Dog is decidedly not a "gastropub." It's a bar that happens to serve some food. But knowing Eyester, I'd definitely expect a notch above the typical  afterthought nibbles or trendy nonsense found at other bars.

Expect a cool, decidedly uncheesy vibe. Eyester is the @theangrychef after all, so expect to be roundly abused if you're not on good behavior.The bar is pouring from late afternoon until late, so it's perfect for an afternoon beer or a late night mind eraser (An Eyester fave). Opens to the public Thursday!

The Family Dog
1402 N. Highland Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30306



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