Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Top Chef All Stars Finale Tonight!

Even if you've missed the whole season, tonight's the night to tune in to watch Atlanta's Richard Blais go head to head with Mike Isabella for the title of the Tip Toppest Chef of all!.

Now clearly I'm biased towards any Atlanta chef on the show, but I can honestly say that Blais deserves this win. He's won more challenges than any other chef on the show, wowing in both his original season and this one against even stiffer competition. Heck, he even won in this morning's Today Show match up.

Blais proves again and again that's he's a consummate professional and a true lover of learning and innovation, whether's he's helping a fellow chef or creating something no one has ever seen before (I'm looking at you sweet potato noodles).

I only wish he could get his low self esteem/ego to a better equilibrium. He has oft said he hates everything he does (Oh Blais why do you sell yourself short and set expectations low? Or maybe that's your game?!) but then looks woefully disappointed when he doesn't win, suggesting he thought he had a pretty good chance.

Regardless he so clearly deserves to win, and it will be a bummer disappointment travesty of epic proportions if he doesn't triumph over that not so lovable lug who still is on my s**t list for stealing Blais' oyster shell dish on a previous episode.

So don't miss it tonight. 10 pm on Bravo. #teamblais all the way!



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