Thursday, April 21, 2011

Atlanta Dining Event: Spice Route Supper Club & Our Libatious Nature

Every time I hear about a Spice Route Supper Club dinner, it sounds even more fabulous than the last. This time is no different. On Saturday, April 30, they'll be teaming up with Our Libatious Nature for 5-courses of poultry dishes paired with specially crafted cocktails to match the South Indian cuisine.

Asha Gomez, the Kerala, India, native who prepares Spice Route Supper Club meals, grew up along Kerala’s coastline.  Kerala is the lush, tropical state on the southern coast of India where seafood reigns; however, many specialties also feature poultry, so Gomez wanted to build a menu around those dishes. Many of the beverages designed by Nicky and Katruska will feature the same spices that have appeared in the cuisine of Kerala for centuries.

The menu for the evening includes the following:

Chicken stew with silky coconut broth and a savory version of vattayappam,
an airy steamed cake that is one of Asha’s signature dishes

Beverage: Pineapple Sour—bourbon, almond syrup, Triple Sec, lemon
juice, muddled pineapple, egg, and a pinch of saffron

Braised quail curry with classic Kerala flavors (red chiles, coconut
oil, curry leaves, mustard seeds) and coconut rice

Beverage: Cucumber Lassi—gin, Thatcher’s cucumber liqueur, milk,
cilantro syrup, muddled cucumbers

Kerala fried squab served with freshly made griddle bread

Beverage: Mad Mango—muddled fresh mango, vanilla bean, ghost
pepper-infused dark rum, light coconut milk, orange bitters, orange

Tellicherry pepper-crusted duck served with guava chutney and kale

Beverage: Smoked Figs – Old Monk rum, ghost pepper-infused vodka, Licor 43 vanilla liqueur, homemade fig preserves, star anise

Vanilla bean custard with mango

Beverage: Asha’s chai

The cost for this dinner is $85 per person, plus gratuity. The supper club location is in northwest Atlanta with easy highway access off of I-285, and the exact address will be revealed to guests upon sign up. To receive invitations to Spice Route Supper Club events, send an email

Upon receiving the invitation, guests who are interested in attending the event are asked to reply promptly to secure a place at the table. Spice Route Supper Club gatherings generally include approximately 20 people. For more information on Spice Route Supper club, visit



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