Friday, April 1, 2011

News Roundup

Happy April Fool's Friday! The latest (no fooling around) scoop for you...

The most lovely fool of all

Celebrate the good Mad Men news and whip up some impressive cocktails with these bad boys

Did you see the Bourdain vs. James Beard and food writers brouhaha this week? Don't miss the comments section in Kessler's article complete with angry sparring between Bourdain himself and the food journalist he so hates.

If you've ever seen Food Inc (and if you haven't, get moving stat!), you know that Monsanto is a big mean corporate baddie, squashing the little guy and controlling what we eat. Finally organic farmers are fighting back.

Don't have $500 bucks to spend on Modernist Cuisine? Check out this decidedly less price option for modern cooking - get your own copy here. or watch video of the mad scientist himself:



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