Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weekend Roundup: April 15-17 Get Drunk, Steampunked or Cultured

There's something for everyone this weekend, so let's hope the rain holds off, and we can enjoy all the outdoor goodness!

Dogwood Festival
April 15-17
Piedmont Park
You know the drill - there's art, funnel cakes, bands, and dogs catching frisbees. This year there's even a Ferris Wheel and a Merry-Go-Round!

Sweetwater 420 Fest
April 15-17
Candler Park
Free entry, $5 for a wrist band that lets you buy beer, and 18 bands

Clockwork Carnival
April 16
The Goat Farm
This one requires some explanation - have you ever heard of steampunk? If you haven't, here's my weird yet fairly accurate way of explaining it to my mother - it's a sub-culture that's like a turn of the century version of science fiction, think HG Wells or Will Smith's Wild Wild West. Kind of something you'd like to see for yourself, right? Well, here's your chance!

At the Carnival's main event, there's a circus that combines Vaudeville, "Gypsy" musicians and cabaret performers, a DJ, burlesque of the flaming and non-pyro variety (Atlanta's own Hot Toddies Flaming Caberet and Sadie Hawkins), furkels and of course people dressed like this:

Steampunk Star Wars Group

ALL this for a paltry cost of $15 at the door, or just $10 if dressed in your circus or steampunk best! And never fear, the Good Truck and carnival concessions are there to sate you in the midst of all that wonderment.

OK, color me fascinated. Mr. AT is not convinced, but I think this sounds AWESOME and like something that I cannot miss, unless of course it rains, and then you won't be able to convince me to stand in a field, goat or other.

So that's a lot to do in one weekend. Better rest up tonight!



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