Monday, May 9, 2011

Atlanta Dining Events: Black Tie BBQ Secret Supper

Last week was Cinco de Mayo and my first chance to experience a Black Tie BBQ secret supper. Black Tie BBQ has had twitter abuzz ever since they launched their secret suppers. Word is they sell out in a snap. We, however, was lucky enough to get a personal invite to check it out (thanks, Spencer!)
The Black Tie BBQ secret supper set up
With these dinners, you don't know where you're going until day of. So that morning I opened my inbox to find a rather elaborate video invite declaring our location for the fiesta - Oakland Cemetery. Can't say I've ever noshed on tacos amongst the dead, but there's a first time for everything!

Long tables were set with lovely flower arrangements and nearby was the plentiful spread (and the plentiful dead!) The crowds quickly lined up (and most seemed to ignore the staff's imploring them NOT to line up). Fortunately I'm a very good listener indeed, so in no time flat I had a plate full of Mexican goodness.
Crowds line up for dinner
I started things off with a watermelon peppercorn margarita while Mr. AT opted for the jalapeño infused margarita. Both were refreshing and an interesting twist on the usual. Margaritas are typically too sweet for my taste, but these had none of that cloying sugary taste, and the peppercorn and jalapeño flavors added a nice bite.
Yum - dinner is served!
Nothing like a tombstone for a backdrop

True to it's name, Black Tie BBQ, knows how to handle it's pork (wow, does that sound bad, but in this case, it's so good!) The shredded pork taco was full of flavor - the meat was rich and succulent, and combined with creamy guac goodness and some spicy jalapeños, it was the perfect cinco celebration!

Tequila infused key lime pie cupcakes
After stuffing myself with pork, beef, and shrimp tacos -- all very tasty, impressively so considering the HUGE crowd they were cooking for -- I still found room for dessert. I usually avoid citrus flavored desserts like the plague, but these margarita-like cupcakes were actually very good.

Even more my speed were the Mexican chocolate whoopie pies. I am a great lover of whoopie pies in all of their many forms, but this was one of the best versions I've had. Spicy chocolate icing? Yes, please! Mr. AT and I split one, since this was quite the bacchanalian feast, but that just wasn't enough, and we had to go back for a second. Eating half of something doesn't count, right?

And lest I forget, there was a band, too. So combine great food, a huge crowd, live music, and an interesting setting, and this event was pretty darn awesome. Usually large events = mediocre food, but in this case, the Black Tie BBQ team did quite an impressive job and more than made up for my first so-so experience at the Underground Market.

Consider me a reformed doubter, Black Tie BBQ knows how to throw a party! Be on the look out for their next event, or if you can't wait, book them for your own party!
Been wondering where Waldo is? He's dead.



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