Monday, May 23, 2011

Atlanta Food & Wine Festival Opening Party

The tents are packed up, the airstreams are cruising up 85, and the chefs are on to the next food festival. That's right, the first ever Atlanta Food & Wine Festival is over.

Silly me didn't even think to apply for a press pass until it was too late, so I was a very sad girl indeed when I realized that many of my blogger brethren were in like flynn. Oh well, at least I got to hit the opening part at Loews on Thursday.

Foodie movers and shakers moving and shaking

As a supreme food dork, I was excited to see plenty of familiar chef and food writer faces at the party. I finally got to meet peeps like Kat from CNN's Eatocracy and the AJC's John Kessler, plus I got some schmooze time with Atlanta's own Ford Fry and Shaun Doty. Alas, my valiant efforts to score a conversation with Charleston wunderkind, Sean Brock, were thwarted, and with them my hopes of a personal invite to dine at McCrady's or Husk (a girl can dream, right?)

Sublime's Orange Dream and Reese's donuts
No food-obsessed party would be complete with out a delicious spread. This fete featured so many delectable desserts, that I was heartbroken I didn't have room to try more. In fact, I gave serious consideration to whether or not I could get away with stuffing an entire tart in my clutch, but fortunately for everyone involved, I decided that wasn't in my best interest. After reading Creative Loafing's 100 dishes to eat before you die, I was thrilled to try the Sublime Orange Dream donut, and after an interminable wait in line, I enjoyed a fussily made but oh so tasty cocktail.

Meticulously made cocktails

With my last bit of stomach space, I enjoyed a scoop of High Road's bourbon burnt sugar ice cram with crushed "Hog-Nut" crunch (bacony-goodness, natch!)

High Road Bourbon Burnt Sugar Ice Cream

As fun as this party was, I'm sure the rest of the events were pretty amazing. Mental note to get my butt in gear next year and get a pass!



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