Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quick Bites: The Family Dog

Photo credit: The Family Dog
Rosebud's Chef Ron Eyester recently opened a bar across the street, The Family Dog, to much fanfare. After several recent visits, I can say, I LOVE THIS PLACE.

I recently went out for drinks with a friend from my early 20's and he asked what bars we recommended in town. To which I replied that we don't really go to bars any more. He seemed shocked - "where do you go?" he asked. And the answer? Restaurants. We almost exclusively spend our social time eating. Drinking, too, of course, but it's always about the eating first and foremost.

That's why I'm so excited to have The Family Dog so close to my hood. It's low key, but sophisticated. It's definitely a bar, complete with loud music and packed crowds, but it's also serving genuinely interesting and tasty food. Duck quesadillas are scrumptious, H&F pretzels are the perfect beer pairing, and homemade cheetos are junk food at its finest. And for bourbon lovers, their cocktail list is a thing of beauty. 

But here's the best part - The Family Dog is the kind of bar that a thirtysomething, whether single or not, can go, have a few drinks, eat something tasty, and not feel out of place. It's not a sad cougar kind of pick up spot (I'm looking at you Tavern at Phipps), and it's not a fresh out of college bacchanal. It's just cool in a way that a not-quite-old-yet married gal can appreciate.

Suffice it to say it's my new fave spot for a quick drink or a late meal. I almost wish I didn't feel compelled to share it. My hope is that although already very popular, that perhaps the Morningside location will ensure that it doesn't become the next suburban night on the town or 20-something pick up spot. Fingers crossed!



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