Monday, May 16, 2011

(Wild) Heaven Comes to Earth

Last week one of Atlanta's newest microbrews finally made the leap from draught to bottle, much to the delight of the skinny-jeaned masses that have helped make Wild Heaven a huge hit around town.  And while the focus of the evening was the bottles, they also talked about their other big news: Wild Heaven will be moving their brewing operations from South Carolina to their own 8,000 square foot brewery in Decatur, joining the short but growing list of locally brewed beers.

Wild Heaven's relatively quick leap from bars to your local grocer's shelves is pretty easy to explain - it's a great beer.  Founder Nick Purdy teamed up with brewmaster of Eric Johnson of Athens beer mecca Trappeze Pub, who has spent the last 16 years brewing.  From the first sip, it's clear that that Wild Heaven was not just another well-marketed beer of middling quality.  Both the dark and malty Ode to Mercy and the hop-happy Invocation ale are tasty brews that any beer aficionado will appreciate.

Already on tap in dozens of bars around town, Wild Heaven bottles are now available in almost 100 stores, including some of my favorites like Hop City, Ale Yeah! and even in-town Whole Foods.  While there's nothing like a draught beer, sometimes you just want to crack open a cold one and relax at your own home.  Now you can do just that with one of Atlanta's very own beers.

Find Wild Heaven bottles near you here.



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