Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Atlanta bucket list

Creative Loafing recently published a list of the 100 Dishes to Eat in Atlanta Before You Die. I love a good challenge, so this is a perfect opportunity to tee up a list of what to eat next.

Considering how much I eat out I was surprised to see I've only eaten 19 items on the list, but that just gives me more to try.

So here's my list so far:

  1. Fried goat cheese at Ecco
  2. Pecan waffle at Waffle House
  3. Burger and fries at Bocado
  4. Double bacon cheeseburger at Ann's Snack Bar
  5. Jalapeño focaccia at Highland Bakery
  6. Medio Dia sandwich at Super Pan Latino Sandwich Shop
  7. Pulled pork barbecue sandwich at P'cheen
  8. Dry fried eggplant at Tasty China (totally addictive!)
  9. Sunchoke purée at the Sound Table
  10. Orange dream star at Sublime Doughnuts
  11. Phatty cakes at Cakes & Ale
  12. Tres leches cake at Tierra (seriously THE BEST DESSERT IN ATLANTA in my opinion!)
  13. Carnita taco on a freshly made tortilla at Taqueria El Rey de Taco
  14. Hot and numbing tofu rolls at Peter Chang's
  15. Black spaghetti at La Pietra Cucina
  16. Carbonara at Holeman & Finch 
  17. Honey pig at Honey Pig
  18. Merguez sausage at Social
  19. Rib-eye at Bones

I'm most surprised that there are apparently awesome dishes I've been missing out on at places I eat at frequently such as the Shed at Glenwood, Rincon Latino, and Sushi House Hayakawa.

But of course, no list is without conflict. It seems the folks at Creative Loafing opted to highlight dishes at some mediocre restaurants over multiple dishes at some of the city's best. For instance, how can the Holeman & Finch cheeseburger that people go nuts for not be on here? Or some of our personal faves like H&F's Piedmont Apple, the Las Brasas rotisserie chicken, the cuban at Havana Restaurant, fried chicken tacos and Mexican corn from El Taco or the Shed at Glenwood's schnitzel slider? And not choosing a pizza from Antico is in Mr. AT's words, "like listing the sites of Rome without mentioning the Colosseum."

All of this just makes me hungry. Hmm...what to try next?



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