Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ice Cream Parlor's Tastes a Bit Too Adventurous for Missouri Authorities

We here at Adventurous Tastes fully support trying new things and going outside of our comfort zones, but there IS a line and every so often, people venture across it.  Such is the case of Sparky's, a Missouri ice cream shop that found a novel way to deal with their town's cicada infestation.  Sparky's employees collected cicadas from their yards, boiled the cicadas' bodies, covered them in brown sugar and chocolate, and put them in ice cream!  Ack!

I have been known to eat grasshoppers in the past, and while some might argue that grasshopper tacos are just as delicious unsavory as cicada ice cream, something about this bug-infested concoction really did not sit well with me.  That said, I have to salute the adventurous spirit of those Sparky's customers who bought out the first and only batch in a matter of hours and decided to indulge their sweet tooths in this most unconventional manner!!

Story from CBC via Gawker



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