Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Savi Urban Market's Sous Vide Menu

Savi Urban Market, the cute little gourmet market in Inman Park, is dishing out far more than household staples. Thirsty? Check out their Enomatic, currently sampling Malbecs, for some reasonably priced wine tasting. Got the munchies? Explore their impressive chocolate selection, complete with our favorite Ritter Sport yogurt chocolates, or talk to their cheesemonger.

Savi's Enomatic
And now if you want something a bit more substantial, you can dine on their hot takeout, including a sous vide menu served from 6-10 pm ($9.99 for one protein and two sides or $6.99 for just a protein).

Lucky for us, we got a sneak peek at their mad sous vide skills with an extra special 8-course dinner with copious wine. These items aren't on their take-out menu, but they promised upcoming wine pairing dinners for the public.
Savi Chef Don Trimble
Our Menu:
  1. Bone marrow fritter, marrow creme, davignon radish
  2. Scallop, lardo, rhubarb
  3. Grilled octopus, squid ink gnocchi, buckwheat
  4. Veal cheek, green coriander gastrique, morels, ramps
  5. Black sea bass, sapelo island claws, spring bulb onion, scarlett queen, and beef tendon broth
  6. Piedmontese strip loin, sweet breads, provider beans, garlic scapes
  7. Berkswell raw sheep cheese, unripe figs, sorghum
  8. Berkshire belly, Szechuan pepper ice cream, preserved pear
We were joined at dinner by other bloggers, journalists, wine experts, and even farmers. Turns out Dillwood Farms, from Loganville, is responsible for the prepared food at Savi as well as a pick-what-you-want CSA we're considering joining that also delivers to Savi. They also brought Chef Don Trimble to Savi - and damn, this boy can cook!

When we weren't being regaled with tales of amorous miniature horses or Atlanta history, we were enjoying incredible food and wine pairings from Savi's chef and hearing about upcoming Savi plans. These guys, including Savi owner Paul Nair, have big plans- including two new locations in Midtown and Brookhaven, more multi-course dinners, even growlers.

Bone Marrow Fritter
Lately I've complained to Mr. AT that I'm getting hard to impress when it comes to food. Eat enough amazing food, and most things start to pale in comparison (champagne problems, I know!) That's why I was so pleasantly surprised by how truly awesome this dinner was!

The first course brought a bone marrow fritter. Why isn't everyone making these? Bone marrow is one of my faves and is served at very few places in town (Holeman and Fitch and Rathbun's are all that spring to mind.) Rich and crispy at the same time? Thank you sir, can I have some more?

Octopus with Squid Ink Gnocchi

Veal cheek with morels and ramps
Something I can't even explain was done to the veal cheek via the sous vide process to remove the sinew and reconstitute it as a perfect little square of succulent meat served along side earthy morels, and the beef tendon broth served with the sea bass was so slurp it up and beg for more good that we did just that and dipped bread into it between courses. Seriously, I could live in a bowl of this stuff. It was that good.

Black sea bass with the most amazing broth EVER
Piedmontese Strip Loin with Sweetbreads 
These days bacon is becoming increasingly ubiquitous in desserts, but who's heard of pork belly for dessert? Yep that's right, we dined on berkshire belly paired with a spicy szechuan pepper ice cream with the same numbing qualities you find in some of Peter Chang's dishes alongside preserved pear. I wasn't sure it would work, but the fatty, sweet and spicy flavors were a perfect ending to a, dare I say, exquisite dinner.
Berkshire Belly with Szechuan Pepper Ice Cream and Preserved Pear

If it's not already obvious, I was totally wowed, by the well-stocked store, charming staff, bountiful wine selection, and shockingly tasty food. I can imagine this being a perfect post-work stop to pick up dinner or an ideal start to a date-night. Keep your eyes peeled for new locations and the launch of upcoming dinners. You will not want to miss them!
The Savi Team

Thanks to the team at Savi and Greg McCluney for the hospitality!

Savi Urban Market
287 Elizabeth Street,
Atlanta, GA 30307



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