Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Atlanta Restaurant News: Yum Bunz to open this winter

 Be still my beating heart, I don't get excited about fast casual concepts all that often, but this one has visions of cha siu baau dancing in my head. Better known Americans as pork buns, these are my favorite reason to go out for dim sum.

Now courtesy of Mike Blum, founder of Big Chow Grill and Real Chow Baby, we can sample all variety of bao (steamed buns filled with meat or veggies) at any hour of the day. Opening this winter, Yum Bunz will feature a variety of inexpensive bao (just $1.59 for one), as well as rice and noodle dishes and various and sundry other Asian accouterments.

Not only are bao totally delectable, but these are all steamed and nothing on the menu is over 200 calories (although given how addictive bao are, I'm sure you'll eat enough to tip the ol' calorie counter notably higher than that!)

Can't wait until winter? Get your bao on at our fave local dim sum joint - Hong Kong Harbour. Keep an eye here and on their facebook page for opening updates!



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