Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hipster Barrista Works at Octane

Somehow I'm always last to the party on memes. I didn't know about planking until I saw it on Tosh.O and friends had to turn me on to Foul Bachelor Frog years after it hit. Fortunately Eater turned me on to Hipster Barrista as the meme was on the rise, and lo and behold, he's not only a surly looking hipster wearing a scarf, but he's also local!

Turns out this pic is from Octane's own website and Dustin Mattson is one of their barristas. Octane is a seriously cool coffee shop, and when I used to work on the westside, it was a perfect place to get some work done or meet friends. I don't know Dustin personally, but his comments upon realizing he's a meme have shown a certain lack of humor that coincides nicely with his photo.

Being a meme must be horrifying, so the only way to deal is to laugh about it (while potentially crying inside)! I do feel bad for the fella, but man these are funny.



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