Friday, August 5, 2011

Tasty Goings-On at No. 246

I've been a naughty little blogger this week. I've been working my little hiney off in NYC so I've been a bit remiss at posting. I have however been eating well at a few fun spots - The Breslin (lousy service but still worth dining in for the hipness factor), hipper than thou sub shop, No. 7 Sub (brisket sub, yum), heavenly Cambodian sandwiches at Num Pang and trendy upscale Mexican at Empellon.

So here's a little scoop on a couple of things I haven't gotten to check out just yet at my new fave No. 246.

Spaghetti Supper
On Mondays from 5-10, enjoy a $24 4-course spaghetti dinner at No. 246.The menu items will change depending on seasonally available ingredients. Below is an example Spaghetti Supper menu from Executive Chef Drew Belline:·

  • Toast with two spreads: wood oven roasted eggplant with chilies and mint and cannellini beans with braised cavolo nero and Parmesan (served family-style)
  • Local greens salad with lemony garlic vinaigrette, breadcrumbs, blue cheese and radish (served family-style)
  • Choice of one of the following spaghetti combinations: Clams, garlic, parsley and lemon; No. 246 meatballs, Parmesan, San Marzano and basil; Carbonara with bacon, crispy farm egg and soft herb
  • Choice of one of the following gelato selections: vanilla, espresso or mint
Chef's Table

Get up a front row seat of Chef Draw Belline cooking at one of four chef's table seats. For $50 you get a 5-course tasting menu specially prepared by the chef, and you get up close and personal with the heart and soul of the restaurant.

For more info, go to

Have a delicious weekend!



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