Thursday, December 1, 2011

Atlanta Restaurants Get Festive with Champagne Cocktails

Latitude's Wild Hibiscus Champagne Cocktail
I get a lot of press releases, some exciting, some not so much. But today I saw one that was right up my alley - champagne cocktails for Christmas! So if you're feeling as festive as I am, put aside the wrapping paper, step away from the mall and drink up!

Latitude Food and Drink 
Micah Willix (formerly of Ecco) has got a new place - Latitude. Check it out and don't miss the Wild Hibiscus champagne cocktail made with Hibiscus simple syrup, champagne, Bittermens Burlesque bitters, and garnished with preserved Hibiscus flower.

MARKET Buckhead
Sip on a Peppered Pear Prosecco with Purkhart Pear Williams Eau de Vie, Prosecco Jeio, NV Bisol, Pear, Black Pepper. I love pair so this sounds most excellent...

Osteria 832
The Osteria Bellini is made fresh with a blend of peach puree and champagne, and the Rossini is a smooth combination of Chambord, a black raspberry liqueur, with champagne.

Serpas True Food
True story, a friend once complained that the Serpas Sazerac didn't taste like it should. The waiter then told us with a totally straight face that the bartender invented it. Clearly there is a 1800s vampire working at Serpas. Ann Rice would be proud! Want to try one that mixologist Brandon Ley really did invent? Don't miss the effervescent hazy sunrise made with fresh orange juice, gin, sweet vermouth and Champagne.

Miller Union
Designed by mixologist Stuart White, the French connection brims with rich flavors to balance the menu’s simplicity, made with spiced cognac, cherry, ginger and sparkling wine.

The Plum Delicious at Bacchanalia combines aperol, fresh plums and La Marca Prosecco.

Southern Art
Check out former Oprah chef and Top Chef masters competitor Art Smith's new resto, Southern Art. It bills itself as a bourbon bar, so surprise surprise, the signature Seel Black is made with Black Maple Hill bourbon, sparkling wine, Paychauds bitters and Angostura bitters.

Ocean Prime
The signature Berries and Bubbles consists of Belvedere citrus vodka, marinated blackberries, housemade sour and Domain Chandon brut topped with dry ice for a light, smoky effect.

Mood Lounge
The newly revamped Mood offers their own take on a French 75 with Berkshire Mountain ethereal gin, superfine sugar, fresh lemon juice and Moet Champagne, served on the rocks.

4th & Swift
This O4W resto's seasonally inspired cocktail menu features several libations that suggest the flavors of fall, such as the Chrysanthemum, a vodka-based drink, with Cocchi Americano, spiced apple-pistachio gastrique, Angostura and Prosecco.

Want to stay home but still feeling festive? Try a cranberry champagne cocktail courtesy of Bon Appetit.




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